Medical Missions

Medical Missions provide medical care, vital medicine, and preventive health education in areas where health care is limited or not available.

Through short-term medical mission trips, Integrity Worldwide brings physicians, dentists, nurses, and non-medical volunteers together to establish free medical clinics in under served areas in Kenya and Uganda. People walk for days and miles to see our medical team and receive treatment as well as healing prayer. On our most recent medical mission trip to Bundibugyo, Uganda, we took over $120,000.00 of medicine and medical supplies and our team saw 800 - 1,000 patients a day.

What we believe…

  • We believe that good health care is a basic human right.
  • We believe that access to health care can affect the prosperity and stability of families, communities and entire countries.
  • We believe that medical clinics are a doorway for evangelism.
  • We believe that God wants to touch and heal His people in miraculous ways.

What we do…

  • We share the love of Jesus through medical outreach.
  • We treat what we can and prevent what we can, never forgetting our total dependence on God as Healer.
  • We provide basic healthcare and hope for those who have been abandoned and forgotten.

Free Medical Clinics

Many people come seeking medical attention for various ailments and illnesses. For just a few dollars we are able to effectively treat with antibiotics and other medicines many illnesses that are simple to cure in the U.S, but if left untreated are potentially fatal in these underdeveloped areas.

During our clinics we see many people suffering from gastrointestinal problems. The people of rural and remote areas are at increased risk for intestinal parasites secondary to poor sanitation for food, water, and poor personal hygiene. Infection with parasites can be life threatening, but with simple, inexpensive medical treatment, parasites can be eliminated. Our medical teams treat individuals, families and entire schools and communities for parasites. This short term, cost effective treatment radically improves overall health.

Another area of Integrity’s medical mission focus is preventive medicine. One of the most serious medical problems in Africa is malaria. Approximately 90 percent of all cases of malaria – a preventable disease- are in Africa. We are working to prevent malaria by distributing insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets, to as many at-risk individuals as we can in the areas we are serving.

Healing Prayer

Everyone receiving medical care also receives healing prayer from the ministry team. We have seen God perform miracles in response to prayer. In places where disease and death are common, Integrity Worldwide is working to bring hope, help, and healing.

Medical Missions

Children are in urgent need for proper care.

Medical Missions

Doctors from our medical team treating Maasai woman.


Our doctors come from all over the world - here Averee Hicks from Alabama, USA and Jens Vaylann from Cologne, Germany.

Medical Missions

Averee giving medicine to a Maasai family

Medical Missions

Integrity Worldwide team member volunteers to help the Medical Missions team.